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Sacred Breath


Sacred Breath
inspired by sedona and other sacred locations in northern arizona


genre: solo Native American flute

Sacred Breath is a collection of songs recorded live on location in northern arizona in november 2006. These songs are spontaneous improvisations inspired by the sacred places in which they were recorded.

Track listing

  1. Airport Vortex
  2. Boynton Canyon Vortex, part 1
  3. Boynton Canyon Vortex, part 2
  4. Bell Rock Vortex, part 1
  5. The Road to Palatki
  6. Cedar Ridge
  7. Bell Rock Vortex, part 2
  8. Red Rock Country
  9. Oak Creek
  10. Yaki Point
  11. Canyon de Chelley
  12. Cry for the Native Peoples
  13. Tuzigoot
  14. Grand Canyon Sunset
  15. Cathedral Rock Vortex

Total playing time: 51:02