songs from a country house

the new album from randon myles

songs from a country house


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genre: post-classical

songs from a country house is the soundtrack for the film by chuck bentley: a country wedding. this post-classical music is scored primarily for piano and strings with additional electronics.

track listing

  1. house call
  2. house arrival
  3. house song 1
  4. house song 2
  5. house arrest
  6. house song 3
  7. house song 4
  8. house cleaning
  9. house song 5
  10. lake house
  11. alone, in my room
  12. house song 6
  13. house song 7
  14. alone, behind the stairs
  15. house song 8
  16. drive remix 2019

total playing time: 55:00

the ambient country house cover
companion ep

the ambient country house

more music written for the film, of a somewhat more ambient nature

track listing

  1. ambient country house 1, ghost piano
  2. ambient country house 2, lamda
  3. ambient country house 3, yesterday’s voices
  4. ambient country house 4, lost strings
  5. ambient country house 5, bowed piano
  6. ambient country house 6, satellite 80

total playing time: 37:00

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    there aren’t enough years
    to turn back the tears we cried
    so goodbye my friends
    god only knows we tried

    I can’t now recall
    the last time I saw the sky
    who am I now
    wrapped up inside this disguise

    it’s not me
    it’s just the car that I drive
    it’s not free
    it’s just a way to survive
    can’t you see
    that I’m burning inside
    it’s not me
    it’s just the life that I drive

    it’s not me